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In a consumer driven society, sales are essential. This section includes articles on all sorts of aspects of sales. They offer opinions on how to make the most from your products, how to make each day a success, how to find your next customer, how to avoid common mistakes, how to overcome a sales slump, how to sell without ruining customer relationships, as well as offering many different analogies of what salespeople are like. Each of these articles is written by a qualified and skilled author who is an expert in his or her respective field. These articles are available on a non-exclusive basis for publication or reposting. Also, check out our free sales whitepapers, magazines, and resources.

What the Bleep is a Green Turtle?

Listen While You Work

Driven to Distraction: How Latest Trends Will Hurt You

Develop the Mindset of a Champion in Your Sales Career

Your Buyer is Smarter than You

Never Take No from Someone Who Can’t Say Yes

A Better Approach with Purchasing Departments

Increase Your Sales: Know the Best Days and Times to Contact Leads

Effective Questioning Combats Centuries-Old Selling Problem

Does Volume Make Up for Low Price?

Should Social Media Replace Cold-Calling?

Use the Sales TRIUMPHS Model to Outperform Your Sales Competitors

Selling is a Contact Sport: Keys to Effective Phone Calling

Drive the Greatest Revenue Results: Three Rules in Loyalty Sales Calling

Burn Your Boat

When Persistence Becomes Stupidity

Getting Prompt Buying Decisions: Three Critical Mistakes That Prevent You From Closing Sales

How to Boost Your Sales in a Down Market

The Sale You Can’t Close

Would You Like Fries With That?

Selling to the Four Temperament Styles

Ethical Theft: How To Steal Business From Your Competition

Eight Drivers of Executive Decision-Making

The Benefits of a Sales Education

Seven Sales Myths

Why Selling Is Better Than Sex - Part One

Sales Techniques that Pump Up Your Presence

Use RADAR To Develop A Sound Relationship With Your Prospect

Everybody Likes to Buy Things, But No One Likes to Be Sold

Keys to Isolating Sales Objections

Creating a Clear Reason to Choose You Over Your Competition

Ten Keys To Sales Success In A Down Economy

When Qualifying Calls: Nothing Deats a D-A-M-D Good Lead

The Two Most Powerful Words That Will Make You Sell More

White Elephants on the Sales Call

You Have to Keep Score If You Want to Win in Business!

Arm Yourself with the Proper Follow Up Tools

Do you suffer from "Maybe-itis"?

Emerging Sales Trends in the New Economy

Three Keys to Overcome Your Fear of Follow Up

It Ought To Be Illegal

Forget the Economy: Three Ways to Boost Sales Now

Seven Tips for Selling More in a Tough Economy

Winning Sales in a Losing Economy: Success Tips From a Higher Altitude

So Easy, a Sales-Man Could Do It

What Sound Investing Can Teach Us About Successful Selling in Recessionary Times

Selling: The truth about success

Abide by the Rules of Engagement

What Women Want: 5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales

Move Prospects UP or Out With 3x48: How to Tele-Prospect Effectively

Selling and Fishing: What's the Difference?

The Epidemic That Is Killing Sales Pipelines

The Unpaid Consultant

Beyond the Basics: Keep Your Sales Up in a Down Market

Keep Your Sales Up in a Down Market

To Dig Into Large Accounts, Find A Mole

Prove You’re Worth Every Penny

Seven Reasons Why You Must Zealously Qualify Prospects

Influential Sales: Are You Hungry for More?

Resurrect the Dead: Five Steps to Sales Recovery

"I Do!" Design An Offer That Commences The Sales Marriage

Three Ways to Start a Conversation and Finish with a Sale

The Secret Peril That Causes Sales to be Lost

Four Secrets To Selling Value Versus Price

Go For The Gold: Winning Sales Lessons From the Wide World of Sports

Seven Differences When Selling to Companies

The Silver Bullet in Sales

Want More Sales? Give Your Customers Something for Nothing

960 Opportunities to Make Each Day a Success

Close More Sales By ‘Seeing’ The Window of Dissatisfaction

Shorten Sales Cycles By Capitalizing On Trigger Events

Your Sales Need a Little R & R

Think Before You Speak

Are Routines Holding You Back?

Make More Sales By Avoiding The Product Trap

Guarantee Your Sales ROI: Drive Your Numbers Up in Any Economic Climate

How to Sell to Anyone

If You Live By Price - You Will Die By Price

Are You a Knower or a Learner When Selling?

Hit or Miss Does Not Work in Selling

How To Find Your Next Customer

Sales Amateur Versus Sales Professional

Sales 2.0

Is Selling Simple or Complicated?

Selling in 21st Century

Common Sales Objections and How to Handle Them

Giving Presentations That Consistently Sell

Become a Sales Superstar: Critical Areas to Master

Do You Know Who You’re Selling to?

What To Say When Your Prospect Only Has Ten Minutes

Fearless Prospecting in a Changing Economy

When Shall I Check Back With You?

Try Before Buy

Communication Tips to Click with Your Client

Six Business Trends Every Salesperson Must Know

Connect With the Buyer

Are You Too Successful?

The Sales Person’s Kryptonite

Will You Pass the Flinch Test?

When the Sale Doesn’t Happen

The Most Underutilized Strategic Advantage

What Every Sales Person Could Learn From the Yankees

What to Do When You Don’t Get the Sale: Losing the Big-One

Can’t Sell Today

Seven Service Behaviors to Boost Your Bottom Line

The Secret to Overcoming the Price Objection

Are Football Watchers Better Salespeople?

Four Ways to Redefine Sales

Watch Those Speed Bumps! Avoiding Six Common Sales Mistakes

First Impressions Count, Lasting Impressions Sell

The Keys to An Unstoppable Sales Drive

Are You Making a Sale or Making a Client for the Long Haul?

Sales Acceleration: The 80/20 Rule Divided by Two

Avoid Butting Heads with Customers: Eliminate Price Concerns

Maintain Your Professional Image While Selling Your Services

The “Neuroeconomics” of Sales: How Buyers Really Decide

The Golden Prospect: Identify Prospects That Will Buy Sooner Than Others

Seven Ways to Beat the Demo Demons

Good News About Cold Calls!

The Four Factors of Risk

Land that Government Contract: Tips for Presenting to the Federal Government

Selling Isn’t What You Might Think It Is

How to Overcome a Sales Slump

Selling to the CxO: Building a Rock Solid, Irresistible, Powerful Proposition 

Twelve Things Every Sales Super Star Knows

Why Do We Need A New Sales Approach For A New Type Of Customer?

Can You Handle a Few Tough Questions?

Calling On High Status Prospects

The First Fifteen Minutes

Are You Guilty?

I Need a Lower Price!

Top 10 Sales Urban Myths

Are You Selling at the Right Level?

Six Powerful Prospecting Tips

Closing Sales or Closing Relationships?

How To Sell More: Value First, Brand Second

Overcoming Objections: 7 Easy Steps to Vaporize a Customer’s Objections

Why Your Customer Buys

Those With The “In” Win: Get Connected and Close the Sale

How to Read Your Prospect Like a Book

Memory Slips That Can Cost You Sales

Uncover More Opportunity: Ask Great Questions

Are You a Sales Advisor or an Order-Taker?

Under the Influence: Five Key Behaviors For Sales Breakthroughs

Executive Reluctance: Five Tips for Overcoming Fear and Making the Sale

Powerful Prospecting Tips

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Plan Your Way to Success and Increase Sales

Slaying the Gatekeepers: How to Get to the Top to Make the Sale

Go From Good to Great: How to Boost Your Sales Career

The Complex Sale Today

Bone Up on Your Questions to Seal the Deal

How Can I Get More Sales

Sell More by Asking the Right Questions

Selling To Today’s Customers

Want More Sales Success? Get Accountable!

How to Win Business without Cutting Prices

When Did ‘Closing’ Become A Bad Word?

Top Five Mistakes That Salespeople Make

Creating Profitable Relationships by Earning Trust and Credibility

Strengthen Your Sales ABs

What to Do After You’ve Lost the “Big One”

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