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These articles revolve around the theme of public speaking. The higher position you achieve in a company, the greater your chances of being expected to stage some kind of public speaking. How do you make a presentation interesting to an audience? How do you incorporate a power point slide show? What is the best way to interview with the media? When doing a presentation in a question and answer format, how do you field those tough questions? The stronger you present yourself, the more convincing your points will be. These articles offer advice on how to optimize your public speaking skills. Each of these articles is written by a qualified and skilled author who is an expert in his or her respective field. These articles are available on a non-exclusive basis for publication or reposting.

Humor Me: Getting More Laughs At Work Can Up Your Presentation Success

Charisma from the Feet Up: How to Stand with Confidence

“Nailing” That Next Presentation

Build Your Business and Credibility through Public Speaking

How Important is the Question & Answer Session?

The Ten Biggest Traps to Avoid When You Speak: How to Turn Dull into Dynamic!

Wow Any Audience: Strategies for Being an Effective Emcee

Are Truly Effective Public Speakers Made, or Are They Born?

Rally Your Employees in Tough Times: Point Toward a Better Future

Let’s Call PowerPoint What It Really Is - Corporate Karaoke

3 Keys to Engage Any Audience

More Tips on How to Be a Great Spokesperson on TV

10 Tips on How to Be a Great Spokesperson on TV

Tackling Tough Questions During a Q & A

Eliminating The Fear of Public Speaking

Take Command of the Room with Strong Body Language

Communication Tricks

Avoid a PowerPoint Slumber Party: Bring Slide Dazed Audience Back to Life

The Top 10 Myths About Handling Tough Questions

Getting Your Budget Approved: How to Handle a Tough Q & A Session

How to Ace Your Next Media Interview

The Number One Secret for Giving a Great Presentation

A Fate Worse Than Death: Tips to Take the Terror Out of Giving Presentations 

No More Mind-Numbing Number Slides: Bring Your Presentation to Life

Tell Us Another One: Successful Leadership Through Storytelling

Speaking with Confidence: How to “Manage” the Butterflies

Speak Your Way to the Top: Busting Seven Speaking Myths

Don’t Let Fear Leave You Speechless - And Jobless

Making Engaging and Dynamic Presentations

Eight Keys to Better Presenting

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