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The articles on this page are about motivation. Motivation is what encourages you, and your employees, to be successful in the business world. Maybe you need to overcome some fears. Maybe you need to take a risk. Maybe you need to conquer negative thinking. Maybe you need to decide on some change. Whatever the case, you need to get rid of what is holding you back, and here are numerous tips to help you find your direction. Each of these articles is written by a qualified and skilled author who is an expert in his or her respective field. These articles are available on a non-exclusive basis for publication or reposting.

Ten Words That Kept Me On Track The Last 36 Years

Secrets to Year End Motivation

The Power of Encouragement

Mountaintops or Valleys: Which Do You Prefer?

Motivating and Inspiring Your People in Difficult Times

The Unlikeliest of Heros: Garry Sawatzky

Eddie Robinson: More Than a Legendary College Football Coach

Give Feedback, Get Performance

Barack Obama’s Authentic Dream and Personal Brand

Barack Obama’s Authentic Dream Compared To Other Change Agents

Motivation Through Mission

The Power of Negative Thinking

Motivation for the Severely Unmotivated

Hooray! The Client Said No!

Risky Business: Juggling the Pros and Cons of Taking Risks

Turn Any Setback to a Positive Experience

It’s Time to Give

The Homeless Mind

Nothing for Me, Thanks

Humble Pie

Under the Influence

Destroy What’s Holding You Back (and it’s Not Your Competition)

Not Afraid to Fly - But Know Someone Who Is?

The Strangest Secret

The Ripple Effect

Recover From Motivational Bankruptcy

Adversity Gives You Strength

The Power of Choice! 

It's Nothing to Sneeze About

Watch Your Attitude

Shoot the Puck

The Power of a Compliment

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