Need a Makeover? How to Be “Ageless” in the Workplace and Beyond

By Max Izenberg

As many Baby Boomers choose to stay in their jobs longer, and retirees start returning to the workforce, it’s easier than ever to see, and sometimes feel, the age disparity. Younger bosses are taking over management and authority positions, leaving Boomers and mature workers to wonder what their roles will be and how they can keep up.

The truth is it’s more important than ever to stay up-to-date in the workplace. If everyone else is youthful, energetic and creative, how will it look if you’re the only one who’s not? If you are feeling less vital and more sluggish, your energy levels could be holding you back from career success.

So what can you do to obtain that fountain of youth? Is there a magic bullet or secret formula that will allow you to feel youthful, healthy and vibrant? There’s no easy, quick fix but there are things you can control. From fitness to proper rest to even a physical makeover, there are many options within your reach so that your age remains a number and not a barometer of your overall health.

Fitness: Gyms and less traditional exercise arenas, such as Yoga and Pilates classes, are seeing an increase in older workout enthusiasts. These people recognize the unbeatable importance of exercise and the benefits it affords them. Your younger body may have been OK with hitting the gym once a week, or even once a month. But as you age, your body is missing out on vast benefits including: keeping your bones and muscles strong, managing your weight, easing depression, alleviating pain, and most importantly, keeping brain cells rejuvenated, alive and ageless.

Eating well: It’s always been central to our overall well-being to pay attention to that adage, “you are what you eat.”  As you age, this takes on increased significance when applied to our health and energy levels. The right foods, such as the good fats, fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, nuts and fish all contribute to attaining a healthy glow, great energy and of course, improved health. Add to that, drinking water all day, which will further enhance your well-being. So before you grab a fast-food breakfast (yet again) or pack that sandwich and chips for lunch, think about the nutrients and fuel your body will receive from it.

Your outlook on life: We all have less than perfect areas in our lives, and we all struggle with those difficulties and stresses that are part of the office and beyond. However, it’s important to remember that stress ages you. That’s why it’s important to take life’s problems with a grain of salt - no matter how old or young you are. It’s been proven that it’s not the stress in your life that kills you, but it’s how you handle that stress. And it’s no laughing matter that stress can be deadly. Stress has been proven to kill brain cells, and chronic stress - which lasts for a consistently longer time - is so unrelenting and brutal on your system, that it has a detrimental, body-wide affect. So the way we handle life’s problems becomes a very strong indicator of whether we could fall into the category of ageless.

Some of the panaceas for handling life’s problems are the capability to laugh it off and not take things so seriously, to sit back and take a deep breath, and to allow a more positive outlook into your life. Read a humorous book or watch a hilarious movie or television program so that you can soften that burdensome load you may be carrying. As a result of the serious consequences of experiencing that stress, you must make the choice to see the glass as half full. It’s a powerful key in remaining ageless.

Get enough quality zzz’s: Findings show that people are not enjoying a good night’s sleep or may be tossing and turning all night so often that it starts to affect their health. Obviously, a lack of energy could be attributable to that impaired sleep. If you are able to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, you are ensuring you will wake up in the morning ready to take on the world. Let’s look how we can achieve that good night’s sleep.  

There are some choices that can help in obtaining that beneficial slumber. Eating late at night puts your digestive system on overload, so enjoy dinner at a more rational hour such as prior to 7 p.m. to alleviate that extra stress on your body. People who regularly exercise find their sleeping habits improve significantly - but again, be wary of exercising right before bed, as your accelerated heart rate may make it difficult to fall asleep. Deep breathing has been shown to be beneficial in putting your body in a more relaxed mode prior to sleep. And a fast, easy step to getting good rest is to remove the television from your bedroom to provide a more serene atmosphere in your sleeping area.

An outward makeover: A physical facade can either aid or detract from the ageless persona. This is not to promote frivolous vanity but rather to encourage a more contemporary look. We know that initial encounters can either encourage or discourage the perception of a person’s ability to take on a job or begin a new relationship. Basic updates, such as clothing, a new hairstyle, whiter teeth, and an upbeat personality, are all changes that people can implement to make themselves appear more ageless. Maintaining good posture is a surefire way to command a confident facade. Standing straight with those shoulders back lets people know you are in charge and can handle any situation.

Although we may not be able to party the hours away then show up at work looking amazingly well and feeling like that 20-something sitting next to us, we can pay attention to what is within our control. We need to eat well, get that essential exercise going, keep that positive outlook, and of course, update our physical looks - all of which are driving forces in our quest for that enduring, timeless being.

While we are powerless when it comes to subtracting years from our age, we certainly can make the most of the ones that lie ahead. So, no matter what the perception is from either yourself, your co-workers, your partner, your family or that person on the street, you will always be able to present that bright and ageless person that you have the ability to become whether on the job, in a relationship or any other endeavor you will be involved in by incorporating the above principles into your life.

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