Success is a Choice

By Tim Connor

Achieving sustained success is not all that complicated, unless we choose to make it so. Success is truly a choice. For many, the benefits of success are illusive. These people struggle, search and try year after year to create a life filled with financial security, nurturing relationships and a sense of purpose and meaning. Others appear to effortlessly achieve greatness, independence and happiness as they travel through the days of their lives.

What are the differences between these two groups? Is it luck, a favorable early environment, good fortune, the right contacts, hard work, a powerful will to succeed, education, good looks, charm or some other measurable qualities? As a fellow traveler in search of success for over forty years, I do not claim to have the answer or the answers to your quest. I do not know the secrets, if there are any secrets, to success.

I have learned, however, that there are certain attitudes, actions, beliefs, and philosophies, that when embraced and followed, ultimately lead to the higher ground. I believe there are ten traits that successful people regardless of age, gender, profession, education status, or however you would choose to define success embrace and have mastered.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business leader, teacher, florist, artist or in any of the thousands of other roles or positions in life. If you want rewarding and enduring success you must embrace and master each of the ten qualities. I do not believe that success hinges on any single one of the qualities listed or those that I have chosen to leave out . Success is not guaranteed to every human who walks the planet. However, the potential for success is bequeathed to each of us at birth. Success is not an accident or the result of believing that life owes it to you.

Success is not: power, fame, wealth, prosperity, happiness or independence. Once gained, there is no guarantee that the success you have achieved will be maintained indefinitely in any recognizable or anticipated form. If success is lost, it is not destined to elude us forever. Success is a choice.

Life offers no guarantees - just choices; no certainty - just consequences; no predictable outcomes - just the privilege of pursuit. People who succeed and fail come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, nationalities and gender. In the end, success is not what we achieve or accumulate, but who we have become in the process.

Successful people succeed because they do the things necessary for success. Failures want the same success outcomes and rewards, but they either don’t know which traits to develop or they refuse or fail to develop them while on their life journey.

Many people, when attempting to excuse themselves from the personal responsibility of a successful life, do so by blaming others, their background or circumstances. Life is a neutral concept. It responds to a person’s beliefs, commitments, expectations, effort, attitudes and actions. It always gives us what we unconsciously desire, deserve and ask for.

Life is not selective. It doesn’t pick on some people while showering others with innumerable benefits or gifts. It is a perfect example of cause and effect in the ebb and flow of life. Life is not fair. It is not unfair either. It just is.

In the end, people who want to succeed, do because they take the time and energy to develop the required characteristics and attitudes. Their success, however, may not resemble their early picture of what they thought their success would look like when they embarked on their journey. Most people who fail, subconsciously  want to fail. Oh, they may say they want success and its trappings, but in reality they do not believe in their hearts that they deserve it or will ever achieve it. We are all magnets. We attract into our experience and life that which is consistent with our inner beliefs, values, thoughts, expectations and desires.

Here are the ten.

  • Control your thoughts

  • Relentless Self-Promotion

  • Unwavering Belief

  • Know Your Purpose

  • Maintain Your Passion . . . 37

  • Time is your Ally

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • The Spirit of Optimism

  • Persistence Is A way Of Life

  • Focus On What You Can Do Now

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