How to Get Recognized by Recruiters

By Ken Sundheim

Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes on a daily basis.  With an unemployment rate of nearly 9.5%, it can be exceedingly difficult for a job seeker to get noticed by a recruiting agency.  Unfortunately, it can be nearly impossible.  That is why our recruiting agency has comprised a check-list of steps to take to ensure that your resume is reviewed by all the staffing agencies you target.

1. Be specific.  All too often, we receive incoming emails from job applicants with general subject lines such as, “Looking for a job.”  Companies come to recruiters to find them something very specific.  By failing to highlight your strength or specialty in the subject of the email, you fail to set yourself apart and your email will most likely remain unopened.

2. Do not send a mass email.  Sending one email to a long list of recruiting companies and job sites might be easier, but it comes across as being lazy and unprofessional.  You also fail to take advantage tailoring your email to each firm’s specific interest.  

3. Get to the Point.  Keep your cover letter or introduction email simple and concise.  Avoid the temptation to launch into a detailed account of all your previous positions, why you are currently unemployed or why you are seeking a new position.  There is room for explanation further down the line.  For you first impression, however, you want to make sure to highlight your strengths and draw attention to crucial information such as where you are located, whether you would be willing to move and the type of position you are looking for.

4. Be Clear.  Make sure your resume is easy to read and that your contact information is all up to date.  Avoid using any superfluous formatting techniques that may cause the document to display incorrectly once opened on a different computer.  

5. Proofread.  You would be surprised at how many resumes and cover letters come to us where the candidate has spelled the name of their own company incorrectly.  Don’t just rely on spellcheck.

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