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Nancy Friedman's Articles

Nancy Friedman is president of Telephone Doctor, an international customer service training company, based in St. Louis, MO. Nancy is the author of four best selling books. Contact Nancy at 314-291-1012 or

Are You Passive, Average, or Proactive?

Building Rapport with Callers

The Cardinal Rules of Customer Service

The Company Welcome Mat: Keep Customers Knocking on Your Door

Don’t Sabotage Your Company

Effective Questioning Skills

Emotional Leakage: Getting Mad at Peter and Taking it Out on Paul

Essential Elements of Internal Customer Service

Five Most Frustrating Voice Mail Phrases

How to Handle the Foreign Accent

“If You Know Your Party’s Extension…”

Improving Listening Skills

Keys to a Positive Attitude

Service Recovery: The Art of Damage Control

Steps to Service Recovery

Strategies for Handling Irate Callers

That’s Just Rude! Exploring the Rudeness Matrix

Things Your Callers Never Want to Hear

Top Telephone Pet Peeve is Put On Hold

The Touch Points of Communications

Twenty-One Ways to Great Customer Service

Voicemail Tips

Watch That Tone Of Voice

Weak Wimpy Words

What’s Your Service Mentality IQ?

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