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Creating A Million Dollar Business Model

By Annie Jennings

Know Why You Are Good. Know Why You Are The Best:  Be able to tell your client why they are better off using your services than your competitors. Do you have more experience? Are you faster, more dependable? Do you offer a guarantee? Do you have excellent testimonials? Do you have a history of delivering a high quality end product? Clients like to work with top notch professionals and it’s your job to position yourself as an expert.

Always Tell The Truth About What You Can & Can’t Do:  Sell only what you can deliver. If you wish to grow, grow on your own dime and not your clients. In other words, do not take a client where you promise to deliver a service where you do not have a well-defined history of success. For example, if you create websites in general but don’t create website shopping carts, don’t sell shopping carts.

Expand Your Expertise To Meet Related Demands From Your Clients:  However, there is nothing stopping you from learning and expanding your expertise. You can certainly learn how to create excellent shopping carts, but just don’t promise to create a shopping cart for a client if you have never done one before (that is just unfair to the client). Learn how to create a great shopping cart that is brilliantly designed to deliver sales before you offer it as a service to your clients. You’ll enjoy positive word of mouth and you will watch your business grow to all new levels of success.

It’s About The Deliverables:  When making a buying decision your potential client should understand what the outcome will be for them. They want to know exactly what they are buying so be clear about the services you provide. Always provide a contract that outlines exactly what services you will provide and the fee. If you have fine print because you are trying to hide something, deal with the problem and eliminate the need for fine print. You’ll find you will create a much stronger product with a better and more powerful deliverable.

What’s In It For Me:  Be sure your client knows how they benefit in terms of how they can use your services. Use case studies from other clients in how they used your products or services to better themselves or grow their business. Educate your client on the ROI (return on investment) they will receive if they invest their money in you.

Clients Like To Make An Investment Not Incur An Expense:  Nobody likes to throw their money away. It’s tough to make a living and clients look at spending money as an investment in their growth and in their future. Businesses don’t like unjustified expenses. This means that before spending money, businesses want to know in advance how the expenditure will benefit them, lead them to the next step in their business plan or lead them to their next client.

Clients Want Certainty:  Clients like to know that the service or product they are purchasing delivers the results they are looking for. They like to know, based on the experience of the provider, what are the likely results for them.

Make A Guarantee A Benefit:  That’s right, be sure to guarantee your work. That is, either the client gets what they pay for or they don’t pay. You will naturally create products that deliver a measurable outcome for the client

Avoid Creating Your Business Model Around “Trying”:  Instead of your service wrapping around the concept of trying, create a concept that wraps around outcome. No one likes to buy “hot air”.   Here is an example, what if you walked into a car dealership intending to buy a car but the car was not available at that dealership and the car salesman said to you, “I will try to get you the car, however, if I cannot get you the car you still have to pay’, what would you do next? Walk out? Surely, as you do not want to pay someone for “trying” to give you the outcome you intend to purchase. In math terms it’s more like “A = B” with A being the purchase price and B being the deliverable of the outcome. It is not the clients problem that you have to try to deliver B, they just want the B. The idea here is not to try, but to do! 

Emphasize How Your Service Or Product Will Make Their Lives Easier: Clients can’t do everything themselves. There is just not enough time in the day. Be sure they know how investing in your services will make their lives easier. They don’t have to spend hours recreating the wheel and learning a new skill set. Your clients can concentrate on what they do best and excel at their own talents making more than enough money to cover the costs of your services.

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