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Four Tips to Build Hot National Buzz For Your Product

By Marsha Friedman

Being interviewed as a guest on talk radio shows is a buzz marketing strategy for companies who want quick, affordable national exposure for their company and products.

Let’s face it, where else can you:

  • Kick-off a coast-to-coast publicity campaign in less than three weeks?

  • Build and sustain promotional “buzz” for your product or services?

  • Reach America’s greatest urban markets - Boston to LA - from the comfort and convenience of your office?

  • And, talk directly to thousands of customers and customers-to-be?

Many companies understand all this. They know the marketing and promotional value of appearing as a guest on talk radio. And, of course, so do we, as we’ve been arranging interviews for almost 20 years now.

During that time we’ve certainly learned a thing or two about the preparation that goes into booking guests on talk radio and I’m happy to share some insider tips with you:

Tip #1: Stay Current: First off, you need to follow the news. What are people talking about? What is the media saying? What’s the buzz? Why is this important? Because, in case you haven’t noticed, talk radio is all about current events. Current events in politics, finance, sports, weather, health, culture, etc. So when you know what’s current, you can package your message to fit the news…making you an attractive guest for a talk show.  Your job is to scan the network and cable news channels, the newspapers, look at news websites, and, most importantly, monitor the talk radio landscape. Take time to listen to some local and/or national talk shows, hear what they’re talking about - get a feel for the rhythm of it. Most of all - get a pulse of the public listening in.

Tip #2: Tie-Ins to the News: I mentioned “packaging” your message? That’s a key. As you follow the hottest stories in the news, think of ways you can tie in your product or service to them. Look for controversy or big names, big money or even relationship issues…these are always tantalizing topics for many talk show hosts (and their listeners).

Tip #3: Pitch Your Topic: As you develop your message, keep in mind that radio hosts are interested in what you can do for their listeners, not what they can do for you. They want an interview, not an infomercial. So, when pitching to hosts and producers, put emphasis on the issue you want to talk about on the air, rather than on your product or service. There’s no need to worry…once on the air, you’ll be given plenty of opportunity to plug during the interview.

Tip #4: The Right Press Release Formula: Nothing is more important than the press release itself - it’s your key to the media’s door. The quality of our press releases has everything to do with our success in booking guests.  You want to make sure your headline is enticing - it’s got to grab the media’s attention. The text of your release should elaborate on the subject matter and what the “on-air” conversation will be about. It’s always good to include a couple of juicy or provocative quotes. Also include a short, but impressive bio, and 5 to 10 questions you’d like the host to ask you.

There’s plenty more to learn about, but these few tips can help jump-start your publicity campaign into the world of talk radio.

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