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Get Ready For The Ripple Effect:
A Quantum Solution to an Economic Problem

By Kim Marcille

Economists are predicting that the escalating price of oil and gas will have a ripple effect that will continue to impact businesses and families. Consumers will spend even less than they are now, as the price of heating their homes, getting to work and buying groceries will bite further into their already stressed budgets. Businesses will spend less trying to meet their numbers. More of us will be feeling the crunch in one way or another. Is your business ready for the ripple effect?

If not, take heart: By starting now, you will have time to prepare. The question is, what should you do? If only there was a science to protecting your business from future threat.

Well, maybe there is. Science, if we dig deep enough, does actually have some answers for us. One such answer lies in a concept of quantum physics called decoherence. At the quantum level of the universe, all possibilities are available at the same time. Decoherence is the universe’s method for amplifying specific quantum possibilities while suppressing others. The reality of the everyday world around us is the result. In other words, decoherence is the universe’s method of turning quantum possibility into reality.

All possibilities are available for your business as well. The key is in choosing the specific, positive possibilities that you want to amplify into reality – such as filling the sales pipeline with quality leads – while at the same time suppressing negative possibilities, such as running out of cash. How can you amplify the positive possibilities and suppress the negative? Let’s take a look at how the universe chooses which possibilities to amplify into reality, and which ones to suppress.

There are specific characteristics that a quantum possibility must possess in order to be amplified into reality. Interestingly, your business possibilities must have the same characteristics in order to become reality. Here are the two main things to consider when applying decoherence:

1)   The possibilities that get amplified are robust. Robust possibilities are those that have a lot of information about them existing in the universe.

2)   The possibilities that get amplified are stable. Stable possibilities remain consistent over time.

For example, consider the chair you’re sitting in right now. We know that the chair exists in reality because there are light particles bouncing off of it, and therefore we can see it. We can also feel it, so there’s lots of tactile information about it. If you were to knock on the arm or back of the chair, you would hear sound waves indicating that the chair is there. Literally billions of informational records exist that say your chair is a chair in reality. And those records have been around, well, as long as the chair has, and it’s highly likely that the chair will continue to be a chair for some time, making the chair a pretty stable possibility.

Similarly, the desired possibilities for your business must be robust, have lots of information about them in the environment and that information has to remain stable over time. So, how can you create that information? First, know there are many kinds of informational records available to you. You can create:

Thought records. Do you have a vision for what you would like your business to look like by the end of the year? In five years? How clear is that vision? By thinking through the specifics of where you want to end up, you will define the specific possibilities you want to turn into reality.

Verbal records. Whom have you told about your vision? Do your employees know what you are trying to accomplish? How clear is their understanding of the vision? Does your executive team know? Sharing the vision within the company will create alignment within the organization. Telling your business associates may connect you with resources you might not have thought of on your own. Telling your family and friends will set their expectations and garner their support.

Written records. Now that you know where you’re going, do you have a written plan to get there? The written plan will help you break down the achievement of your vision into monthly goals. For example, how many prospects must you touch to develop enough hot leads to result in the number of closed deals you need to meet your goals? Does a new compensation plan need to be written for your salespeople to drive the right behavior, perhaps rewarding them for new business? Writing down your vision is helpful, as you can refer back to it regularly to ensure you and your staff are still working toward that target.

Action records. If there’s ever a time to do something, it’s now. If you were to act as if your vision was definitely going to become reality, how would your day be different? Prioritize the actions that are focused on the creation of your vision. Would you be writing a business plan to raise capital funding? How about setting an appointment with a banker to present that plan? Perhaps you would be speaking at more functions, buying a targeted new list of prospects or seeking the advice of a mentor. You need to determine which actions you can you take today in support of amplifying your vision into reality.

  Remember to believe in your vision and in your ability to create what you have envisioned. There are two places when you may trouble applying decoherence: at the very beginning – when the fear of commitment prevents you from getting started – and in the middle – when it sometimes seems as if nothing is happening. Once you begin your decoherence plan, you’re halfway there. By persisting even when it seems useless, you’ll begin to see your vision decohere—that is, become real.

Stability is the second attribute that your desired business possibilities must possess, and it’s easy to create: Continue to generate new information about your vision every day. Get it out there!  Think about it, write about it, talk about it, and take action on it.

By creating a lot of information in the environment that confirms your desired possibilities will be amplified into reality, you also create an inescapable momentum that will begin to drag you along with it. Sometimes you might feel as if the universe is going a little too fast for you! Hang on tight and ride the wave. That wave will make the upcoming economic slowdown seem like just a little ripple.

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