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Men Are Like Waffles

Karen Card

Why is it so hard to figure out the opposite sex? Because our brains work differently. Men’s brains are really good at focusing completely on just one thought and women’s brains are really good at thinking many thoughts at the same time. This difference can make it hard to figure out what each other was thinking.

To illustrate this, picture a waffle. A waffle has many squares, each divided by walls high enough to hold syrup. This is an example of a man’s brain. Each waffle square is a thought or idea. In order for a man to change from one idea to the next, he needs to get out of the square he is in and climb over the wall to get into the next idea.

Now picture a plate of spaghetti. This is an example of a woman’s brain. Each spaghetti noodle is one thought or idea. However, each thought (noodle) is touching about seven other thoughts (noodles) at the same time. Women are regularly thinking at least seven thoughts at the same time. Understanding how our brains work differently will help improve our communication with the opposite sex.

Advice to Men: When she asks you to do a task, and then asks you to do 3 other tasks at the same time, remember that this is just how her brain works. Each thought is touching seven other thoughts. Remind her that your brain works better when you can focus completely on one task at a time.

Advice to Women: Knowing how his brain is different should keep you from getting so mad at him when he is slow to change his attention from the TV to you. Give him time to move into a new waffle square when you need him to change his focus or thoughts toward you.

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