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Why One-Sheets are Must-Have Marketing Tools

By Karen Saunders

Suppose you meet someone who could hire you for your expertise and services. In the spirit of getting to know you, that decision-maker asks, "What do you speak about?" or "How do you help organizations?" or "Which groups have you worked with?"

These questions become your opening to convey how you assist people and why you're the one experienced to do so. That's exactly what a marketing one-sheet does, too. To convey that you're a must-have expert, your one-sheet needs to be written and designed effectively.

Answers Key Questions: Your one-sheet, in effect, succinctly answers these seven questions that decision makers would ask you in person at a first meeting:

1. How would you describe your area of expertise?

2. Whom do you work with and give presentations to?

3. What are the benefits of hiring you

  • for the leaders of the organization?

  • for the participants in the ranks?

  • for organizational progress?

4. What have you done that makes you an expert?

5. Which groups have you worked with before?

6. What did participants think of your contribution?

7. How can you be reached for more information?

Well-crafted words on your one-sheet answer these questions in the form of seven corresponding must-have elements:

1. Topics/Programs

2. Target Audience

3. Benefits (especially in headlines)

4. Biography

5. Client List

6. Testimonials

7. Contact Information

Adding Personality: Even if you have all of these elements in place, what turns it into a stronger must-have piece that represents you? In a word: Personality.

For example my client, Doug Butler, is a speaker whose message is "Cowboy Wisdom." I've built his one-sheet around the western cowboy theme. This is all part of his brand. His one-sheet features cowboy graphics with lots of showmanship. I've included a color photo of him in action with a lasso and a portrait shot of him wearing a cowboy hat with his guitar. Other graphics include these cowboy symbols: a horse, a badge, a cowboy figure wearing a hat, bandana, and chaps-even a spurred cowboy boot. Its overall look reflects the personality that participants want from him, achieving that appeal through these special graphic effects.

Put Your Benefits in the Headlines: On Doug's one-sheet I have this headline: "Cowboy wisdom into the 21st century." Be sure to make your headlines bold and compelling.

Add Credibility with Logos: In Doug's case, I included his company logo and the NSA logo to show affiliation with a group recognized by decision makers. Be sure to include your logo and tag line. Doug uses this tag line: "Forge a firm foundation with Doug's tried-and-true Cowboy Code."

Through his words, themes, and graphics, Doug extends his warm personality to additional marketing pieces -- his website, business card, handout materials, and so on. Together, they create a must-have look that appeals to decision makers in organizations he wants to reach. By applying these techniques to your one-sheet and other marketing materials, you can turn your prospects into sales, and watch your revenue grow.

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