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Voicemail Tips

By Nancy Friedman


  • Expect to encounter voicemail. Be prepared. Only 30 percent of all calls are connected to those you need to talk with, on the first try.

  • Don’t “wing” a message you’re going to leave. Be prepared. Have an objective. Know what you’re going to say. Messages without thought will sound amateurish.

  • Return all calls or have them returned on your behalf. There’s little value to having voicemail unless a message is returned. If your greeting says you will return all calls, then do it or remove the part that says you will.

  • Avoid leaving bad news messages on voicemail. Example: “Hi Nancy. This is the veterinarian’s office calling. Remember you dropped off Trixie this morning? Well....” (You get the picture.)

  • Ask for a call back time when leaving messages. A simple "I need to hear from you by such and such a time" can help. This is not a fool proof technique, but it does help. It gives direction to the listener.

  • Smile, smile, smile. And then, smile some more.

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