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Media Cleansing

By Debbie Elicksen

When hearing the Rocky Mountain News was folding, it was a reminder of the dominos that were about to fall. It wasn’t long after when The Tribune chain had filed for bankruptcy.

As always, Howard Kurtz provides good insight on his CNN show Reliable Sources and with this column from 2009.

When Kurtz had three jobless journalists on his show, two of them did not have a backup plan. But one fellow saw it coming two years prior and went back to school to learn a completely unrelated field of work.

This got me thinking about how organizations that rely on the media need to also adapt to the changes. For example, sports PR departments have to rethink their priority heirarchy when it comes to media importance. They can't afford to diss the electronic media, as they may end up being the last ones standing.

It comes down to the old saying -- maybe it's my old saying: if you want to find your target audience -- go where they go.

I am a perfect example of changing habits. I stopped buying newspapers -- a) because they piled up faster than I had time to read them and b) it was becoming a pain in the backside to take the bulky weight of them to the recycling bin. So I get all my news online and through cable television. It's instantaneous; it's easy; and you get a broader viewpoint.

We are in the middle of a media revolution: out with traditional and in with new technology and sometimes a combination of both. It's ever changing but the authors and publishers that learn and move with the ebb and flow of the Internet will likely find more success than those stuck in the old traditional formats that are drying up.

In publishing, the traditional publisher -- already a near impossible catch -- is drying up with the newspapers using old business models. We need to also find new innovative ways to make self-publishing and journalism affordable but ensuring it maintains higher standards.

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