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Sales Techniques that Pump Up Your Presence

By Drew Stevens

Whether you own a business or simply sell for a living, it is imperative to be known. Name recognition is the method in which brands are built. The notion of building brand begins with the knowledge that everything in business starts and stops with selling. Selling is the backbone of every organization- profit and non-profit. All focus and energy must be granted to this vital organizational function.

The largest issue today is being heard above the din. Competition and clutter have obscured messages to the client. There are over 8000 marketing messages per day, over 250 million websites, 100 million blogs. Getting customers to hear you is more difficult then ever. You need to create a gravitation pull to you so that you spend less time calling and handing out brochures. You need to invent magnetism so that clients gravitate to you. My program “Split Second Marketing™ Building a Message that Clients Hear” contains over 25 different marketing attraction techniques.   

However there are certain things one can do to amplify your brand and be heard.

Recession Roundabout: The current recession is expected to end in the third quarter of 2009, yet many organizations continually deplete marketing and sales spending to save money. Recessions are times to spend money. When competition decides to decrease expenses now is the time to overtake them. Spend now to build brand and surpass the competition.

Blogs: Professional blogs are a tremendous method to help build brand. Client case studies and analysis can be immediately posted. Prospective clients admire winning solutions for existing customers.

Website: No one in business today functions without a website. The sheer presence alone provides credibility and attention.

Email: Stop using ridiculous emoticons, quotes and jokes in your signature. Provide a framework of your professionalism and contact information so that others can reach you.

Speaking: One of the best methods to introduce your expertise is to tell others about what you do. Rotary’s, Kiwanis, Chambers of Commerce are constantly in need of experts. Contact these organizations or others to discuss content to enlighten their members. Participants are attracted by new and interesting content.

Writing Articles: There are more newspapers in circulation today then ever before. There is a multitude of newsletters, web sites, regional business magazines, and local newspapers starving for decent material. Articles need not be more than 500 to 1000 words. With good content and a solid byline your message can be in the hands of hundreds or thousands.

Lunch and Learns: These concise information sessions last no longer than 30 minutes during a corporate luncheon and feature your content. Benefits are a live audience, interested attendees and low cost of acquisition.

Products: When clients become enamored with your content your style and most importantly your results, they want you! Products such as CDs, DVDs, books, booklets, hooded sweatshirts, etc. make great passive income.

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